Call for Proposal for ERC Consolidator Grant

Date de publication de l’appel : 07 novembre 2012

Budget: € 523 000 000

Deadline:  21 February 2013 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

OJ Reference: OJ C339 of 7 November 2012

Specific Programme(s): IDEAS

Please note that the call ‘ERC-2013-CoG’ consists of one call with a single deadline applying to the three domains:

• Physical Sciences & Engineering (Panels: PE1 – PE10), • Life Sciences (Panels: LS1 – LS9), • Social Sciences & Humanities (Panels: SH1 – SH6).

The deadline for all domains of this call is 21 February 2013, 17:00:00 (Brussels local time). The budget indicated above is the total budget covering all domains.

In order to receive a complete Information Package for this call, you will need to select the following elements:

  1. The call fiche (only available in .pdf format)
  2. The work programme (.pdf format)
  3. FP7 factsheets in your preferred language – an overview of the basic features of this programme (.pdf format)
  4. The Guides for Applicants relevant to the funding schemes used in this call (.pdf format)




Electronic Proposal Submission


To access the Electronic Submission Service of the call, please select the funding scheme or objective corresponding to the work programme topic that is most relevant to your proposal from the list below.    You will then be linked to the correct entry point.

To access existing draft proposals for this call, please login to the Participant Portal and select the « My Proposals » tab.

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